Silence – Issa Dioume

A silence of unspoken words reigns pompously in the air. Smirking at me sideways for my indecisiveness with words. Dreading the repercussions my words may have : I retain my silence. Only breath occupies the space of sound in the air. Long and everlasting inspirations and expiration’s hanging in the breeze, occupying my every thought, reflecting my fears. Boom! this precious silence is ripped to pieces as my dog uncourtly gets up to start digging ravenously for a bone in the garden. My hearts slows, the world seems to spin upside down. This invaluable moment now gone, I must address the situation at hand.

– No, I do not want an ice-cream mom! I say tearing the words from my mouth almost vomiting blood outright. A hard choice going against my will yet the right one to make, temptations are not all meant to be given in to.

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