That Old Friend You Never Met – Issa Dioume

Time: the old friend you have never met and never will meet. The ineffable feeling you never feel. The understood concept you never get. Time lapses into oblivion before you even acknowledge its presence. Always there yet never present. When it’s not here you picture it in your mind calling it ‘future’, therefore it doesn’t exist per se as in your mind it is all but real. But when it’s here, by the time it’s here and you have grown aware of it, it has already slipped between the cracks of your balled fist that attempts to seize it. And when you think of a ‘time’ before the one you are currently living, it is just as intangible for you cannot truly recall it as you never truly experienced it. The only real thing you can ever be certain of is that change is constantly going to occur and you will never be able to stop it. What can’t you doubt? Besides the very fact that you are doubting. The material possessions you obtain are your only way of ever ‘touching’ this timeline crisis. You can physically obtain an object which like you is a slave to time. Objects and places in space are the only landmarks you can use to see time pass. Giving yourself objectives to reach or objects to obtain. All of which you constantly know is pointless, but the point of that just might be for an inkling of an understanding of your passing through time. Time is imbued in everything you are and that you touch. The value of objects is solely dictated based off human inferences and decisions. A rock could have been gold and gold could have been a rock. And we slave ourselves for those ‘rocks’, for their time. The time they promise us, a better future time. Without any guarantee in the horizon but our own illusionary mind time.


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