Colours of the wind (1) by Issa Dioume

“The bright shimmering colours of the wind envelop us all, we need only look to capture a glimpse of their many hues”

-written by Issa Dioume

(Image by artist -V)

Deep red autumnal leaves fluttered on the ground beneath the clear morning sky. An awfully sketchable scenery – enough to make a painter’s heart flutter- unfolded in the city’s park. A sharp mellifluous note could be heard echoing throughout the cool refreshing air of the first light of day. The slow susurration of the leaves chiming in to create a homogeneous melody. Mozart must have created his music while listening to the sounds of nature, noted Molly as she walked peacefully in the park, observing the indescribable scenes unfolding before her bright chestnut eyes.
She wore a large yellow raincoat and some blue coloured boots as the weather made it necessary for people to cover themselves sufficiently lest one might catch a cold. Molly leisurely moved along the path, taking in the beautiful nature laying siege to her eyes and ears from all directions. Squirrels ran along the path and quickly scurried out of her way as Molly neared their location, running into the grass that framed the path to walk. Some simply stood there and watch her passing by. Curious little creature, Molly told herself as she passed one such squirrel staring at her insistently, he probably wants some food, she concluded.
The grass, canopied by layers upon layers of a multitude of different flowers spoke a language of nuances. Brown, yellow, pink ,red, blue, you name it. Colouring the soft wind that sweeped around them, caressing, kissing and softly bending them backwards as it swiftly brushed along. The gentle but sharp autumn breeze tousled Molly’s hair and slightly blushed her cheeks…

[ …to be continued]

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