Early Morning Delights – Issa Dioume

Written by Issa Dioume

The familiar aroma of the roasted coffee beans pervading the café’s air. Taking you back to innocent moments of your childhood. The ambient soothing rock music playing on the speakers ‘ oooh pretty little baby! I love you baby’!

Waiters rushing in all directions. Always gleaming with radiant smiles plastered on their faces. Cleaning and waiting tables, talking amongst themselves. Some looking slightly tired but energetic all the same.

And then there’s You. You, sitting with the salt, pepper and sugar at your small rectangular dining table. Cup of coffee in one hand, spoon in the other; melting your sugar cube in the hot beverage and evenly mixing your coffee so the sugar can be tasted in every gulp you take. Slowly sipping on that drink admiring the decorations of the room. A framed yellow blue-dotted women’s swimwear. Paintings of beaches and nature. Loud voices and satisfied fresh out of the shower looks of your fellow happy customers. Some smoking outside enjoying the morning’s fresh air warmed their coffee. Plants in pots decorating the room. Giving life to it. The silence filled of noise, smiles and newspaper reading. An invigorating atmosphere galvanising you to have an amazing day. Making you hopeful for the rest of your waking hours. It is those small fleeting precious moments that make up the early morning delights.

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