Crying toad – Issa Dioume

“Ahh the pain! The horror!” screams out Mr.Toad.

A toad cries as it spills its guts under the smiling blue moon. And the crowd cheers and roars at his unexpected outburst. Senseless serpents slide along the pavements. Maimed by the gravel and the tires. While some frogs silently scream “Murder! Murder! Murder on the rocks.”

The unconcerned human pushes on. Squishing the toad cadaver further barely leaving an intact piece for its family to bury him with dignity. Once the human has departed the family gathers around the remains to bid their goodbyes. The heedless man returns crushing the all in his path as he bends down to reach a pencil cap he had dropped. A single silent snake snaps at his hand as revenge for its lost friends. The human, humoured,simply laughs and scoffs lightly before crushing it under his boot. Then rides off into the sunset, whistling a western tune.

Written by Issa Dioume

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