A Tumultuous Voyage (part 2) #shortstory

…Under the dimming stars Bramin, the captain and the crew steeled themselves as they saw approach – a single wave that could only be best described as – the ocean’s queen. It lifted its peak high into the sky, almost caressing the clouds above; casting a colossal shadow over the ship and the rest of the sea as far and wide as Bramin could see. It stood there, imperial, and at that moment for the men on the ship it felt like time had itself had stopped breathing as a heavy silence took over the air. Nothing.

Just twelve men, one captain and little ship facing off against a titan of the ocean. Bramin looked to the captain for reassurance but when he saw the stunned frozen look on his face, all hope was lost in his heart. Bramin tightened his hold on the mast as the mastodon looming above slowly began diving face first towards the ship.

Destiny, you fickle temptress by the old sea gods, I damn you! Thought Bramin sourly.

He had embarked on this perilous journey seeking glory, honour and adventure. Had he known that it would end up with him sinking to the bottom of the ocean two weeks later, he might have advised himself otherwise.

” Well curse you! Now that I am here, there’s nothin else I can do! Come you overly fat oaf of a wave, give me all you’ve got! ” he roared loudly much like a madman would, feeling like a dwarf armed with a toothpick to kill an armed giant carrying a colossal trident spitting out lightning serpents.

The captain of the ship chimed in tearing his lungs to shreds as he howled at the indomitable giant ” Let’s see who will get the best out o’ the other! Come, I will tame you and the oceans along with you if I must!”

The crew gathered their courage as they joined in the clamor and each yelping their own challenge to the waves like new-born pups challenging a wolf


silencing their voices and brave hearts instantly,

come it did. […]

-to be continued

Written by Issa Dioume

Author’s blog for part 1 and more writing:


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