A Tumultuous Voyage (part 3) #shortstory #writing

… The wave came, surly, bringing with it a vivid silence. Except the soft creaking of the boat slowly being pulled closer by the wave.

Small sea waves lapped about the ship. The sea captain, with a qualm heart, chose wisely – fighting the sinking dread urging him to steer the ship against the ebb- to let the currents guide the boat instead of opposing them. The planks of the ship rattled madly, but nothing moved besides the ever-closing wave; and the soft lapping of its offspring’s. A general state of inertia seemed to have settled in.

The drummer aboard the ship understood immediately that the time had come for him to play his role. As he began hitting the drum – slowly at first then gradually increasing the pace – the heartbeat of the men returned along with the drumbeat.

du-dum du-dum du-DUUM du-dum Du-DUUM DU-DUUUM

Spirit seeped into the bone marrow of the men each time the sound of the drum echoed. The once restless sea now appeared unresponsive as the only visible movement for miles in every direction was a little ship climbing the giant belly of a beast.

Above the men, a square sail -white as the feathers of a dove – flapped and fought ferociously the unrelenting wind. As the little ship slowly made its way up, dark clouds hung in the sky – drifting in vast mournful veils foreboding a sad end. Tears of rain came spurting out from their eyes. The rain hit the deck squarely, the sound of the droplets echoing loudly in the air.

As an ultimate insult, Bramin thought he saw one of those overhanging puffs of water particles eye him with pity.

The pull of the water ceased abruptly. And, the wave came crashing without warning sending the ship flying into the air. With the swaying of the ship Bramin’s grip slipped and he was sent hurtling through the air into the mouth of the raging sea. But, by pure happenstance and rapid reflexes his leg hit a stanchion which he grabbed thereupon.

The ship, pulled back by gravity, descended. Brutally landing onto the surface of the sea. Water came in from the sides inundating the deck and pushing some overboard. But still, the drum DUMed on. […]

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