Lost in pleasure

Moved by the promise of her voice alone. Standing on his own two knees. He slipped his hand around her hips and pulled her close. Feeling her warm breath on his throat, he bent down to savour her lips. He wanted to show her that he was her man. Hers to keep, desire, get bored of and throw if she wished so.

Their desire lit ablaze glowing brighter than an afternoon sun in the Sahara. Drinking up her kisses like oxygen is breathed in by a drowning man. His fingers ran up her neck to the back of her head and gathered her hair in his hand. Lips still interlocked. Eager to preserve the heat of the moment she drew in closer and her breasts rested against his chest, heaving together, breathing together. One existence, the essence of two beings fusing into one single entity.

The passionate tongues of the flames flapped in the fire pit. Speaking a soothing berceuse of tongues that possessed their own language and will. Control had been lost in the initial moment of contact. What followed was only inevitable consequences.

He plunged his soul into hers, melting away as he entered the seas of her heart.

Soaking it up completely. Suffocating in their ardent embrace. Two beings, melted into one bright shimmering star shinning its light onto the world. Curled up into one entity of pure sensual energy.

Written by Issa Dioume & image by artist V.

WEBSITE : https://thebiligualwriter.com

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