A Tumultuous Voyage (part 4) #shortstory #writing

           […] Bramin and the crew ran left, right, straight and back desperate to get some of the water off the deck as quick as possible. Frantically trying their best to avoid sinking to the depths of the ocean blue – pausing only to throw panicked looks at their captain, waiting to see a sign of hope or reassurance. And he- at the helm of the ship- displaying only a uniquely resplendent face of dread. The kind of dread a man shows when he thinks his time has come. The kind of dread that instantly sends chills down the spines of the crew.
The little boat its laborious attempt at climbing to the top of this perilous path; much like a David against a Goliath. But, with an aggrandized exaggerated disparity between the two.
The climb was proving increasingly exceedingly strenuous for the little boat as the great wave steadily coiled in on itself, unhurriedly- much alike a giant king cobra or a shark with its wide-open gaping jaw- covering the little ship.

~ Badoom ~Badoom ~ Badoom  beat the captains’ heart, as he steered his Braided Maid up this tortuous path. And as the ship slowly neared the top his heart threatened to stop as he looked down and saw how high he was but notwithstanding this, to say the least, ‘complicated’ situation he plunged on even as the ship scowled under the pressure of the wave and its planks growled in pain and the ship floated at a perpendicular angle menacing to fall off the wave at any given moment and sink to the deepest corners of Davy jones’s locker. He prayed to the sea gods to let him sail the sea another day. The next time, he swore, I will not tempt fate and sail without an Windwhisperer.

The Braided Maid crept up the wave, to the top of it. When it reached the top, the crew breathed a sigh of relief – as if they had each held their breath through the whole ordeal. As Bramin looked around he noticed that everyone looked weather-beaten and aged; this experience had likely taken decades off their natural life span.
However, the captain kept his focused as he knew that the descent could prove just as dangerous as the wave came crashing down on the other side- he used the momentum created by the wave and steered right into the currents, following them; as water splashed and swayed the boat. The boat dashed on the water surface at full speed, quickly escaping from the jaws of the Queen of the ocean.

Bramin joined the captain on the upper-deck of the ship and starred off into the distance with hope and adventure already gleaming bright in his eyes. The weather had suddenly settled and the sun seemed to be on the cusp of rising in the horizon.
And, Bramin thought he could see what looked like the cliffs of Gravenfall, the city of the dead […]

Written by Issa Dioume

Author’s website: Thebiligualwriter.com

One thought on “A Tumultuous Voyage (part 4) #shortstory #writing

  1. This short story is very interesting and as a novice writer, there’s much I’ve learnt from your post such as Davy Jones’s locker. Though, on the line where you write ‘…the captain kept his focused…’, ‘focused’ is not a verb or adjective but a noun if I’m not mistaken, it should rather be ‘focus’ if this is what you meant.

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