SAND RIDGES OF MY HAND [Poem] by Issa Dioume

I tattooed pages full of ink

Birthed characters who think

Pushed my sanity on the brink

People asked: why? I wink

—— ——- ——

Truth often trudges in faraway lands

Epigrammatic eloquence sleeps in limbos

Make in the zero, sinuous desert roads.

There I am, kneeling, sand in hand

Trying to quench and expand

Seeing the Earth in a grain of sand.

Sinking in quicksand

Author’s website: Writing, Improving, Coffee

15 thoughts on “SAND RIDGES OF MY HAND [Poem] by Issa Dioume

  1. One that wills me to write and pushes me to think and create even though all my ideas have already been uttered by others. Nothing is original and this in the desert I look at myself my hand something bland to try to make something new come out of it all.It is beyond my control.

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  2. Just out of curiosity, were you writing this with “writing” in your mind? It sounds like you wanted to describe writing in a poetic way.

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  3. It’s a very complex and skillfully manipulated piece of poetry. I am very puzzled and inquisitive about its meaning. It’s very deep and quite enigmatic. Merci pour ce magnifique periple poetique.

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  4. It’s based off of the philosophical branch of existentialism here notably is depicted the absurdism of Albert Camus ( famous for: the outsider and the myth of Sisyphus) sprinkled with some nihilism : Nietzsche. A bit of everything, trying to understand life one poem at a time. Sinking in quicksand at the end alludes to overthinking in the search for meaning and how it can drag you down.

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