If – [Poem] by Issa Dioume

Clickety-click, there comes Debros and his stick
Hear a clickin’? Know Debros comes a-knockin’!
If snooting around you see a round man in suit
Wearing dirty boots, to boot and a shivering left foot.

Squirming like a toad,  heaving, rasping, from his heavy load.
If upon a road, you smell – odours of a putrid rotten cell.
If you sense slimy hands, latch onto your back; and there: dwell.
AND a blood-curdling voice akin to plates breaking upon kitchen floors.

Know this: Debros will attack.
Clickety-click, Rickety-rick there go Debros and stick; Off to freeze another candle wick.

Written By Issa Dioume
Author’s website:


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