Division Revision- [Poem] by Issa Dioume

Sometimes the water flows
Sometimes the water stills
Stilling my hopes in crypts

Sometimes it rains on my face
Sometimes sun radiates off of it
Burning men like cigarettes

Sometimes I care.
Sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I share.
Sometimes I won’t.

Blue birds fly unseen in the sky.
Only perceived when poked in the eye.
Manichean Mannequins of wonder.

Wanderers under a flattening roof
Unimpaired by water. It’s Rustproof.

Look yonder to cross the border.
As we are: birds of the same feather

Written by Issa Dioume

Author’s website:

Issa Dioume’s writing

23 thoughts on “Division Revision- [Poem] by Issa Dioume

  1. “Can life be neatly divided
    into dark and light ?”
    I’ll just have to ask
    the mannequins of your
    wonderful poem.
    A toast to your post.
    ~ David R.

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  2. Great poem. Magnificent alliteration, ‘Manichean Mannequin’ and somptuous wild rythm. It seems the persona is outpouring his rage if I’m not mistaken. Issa, this poem; t’es un vrai pro. I’m a toujours quelquechose à apprendre de tes œuvres.

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  3. Thank you so much for this comment! Thank you for sharing with the rest! I am glad you did. If you like this one I would recommend CLEAR BLUE another one of my poems. Or LIFE OF MEN my most popular ones. You may find enjoyment in reading them as well. 🙂

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