The House of Chronicle [Poem] by Issa Dioume

At the house of Chronicle

You’ll be met with quite the spectacle.

The standards you deem normal

Will come across a many great reversal


Lies and deceptions galore

Fake smiles and kindness they adore

So many faults to list and more –

– Much more in its rotten deepest core

Water leaking from ceilings, they ignore


Denial of blame, absence of shame.

Plain to see they are comparable to no company,

Only hungry crows perched atop a tree, Looking down, smugly,

To see,

Lame, tamed little mice calling their names,

In vain, abandoned to the pitter patter of rain.




– by Issa Dioume &

Inspired by true events

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11 thoughts on “The House of Chronicle [Poem] by Issa Dioume

  1. So there’s an absurd place with insane people inhabiting it? The last section makes me wonder if they’re crazy on the same level some characters in Yoko Taro’s Drakengard are, as they deny all the blame and bear no shame, although they are (most likely) crazy. However, the last line makes me reconsider if it’s just a house of some officials who think they’re just, but in truth, they’re tyrants who aren’t looking beyond their noses, and it’s so bad they can’t even see their own domain crumble (the leaking water). That’d also make it more realistic, seeing that it’s based on real events. The abandoned part is implying some civilian who’s been a victim of the cruelty the officials often lash at others. How wrong am I?

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  2. You are very close to the truth 🙂 I really like your analysis! Thank you for delving I’m so deeply! I am still waiting for the 31st to come and go so I can read your book and give you my critique and view on it 😀 !!

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  3. It gives off a very theatrical and cynical picture and tone almost like the satires of Moliere. I like the contrast between what the beliefs of people and the true picture which is disillusioning. The imagery of the relationship of the powerful and the dominated is interesting. The second stanza is very satirical implying a bureaucratic institution corrupted from the inside. The rain is another strike in imagery where the misery of the ‘mice’ are only made evident.
    Been a long time since I’ve analysed a poem,
    A very good piece of your fine artistic.
    I must say it (even if that makes contemporary poets angry), you are among rare people who keep traditional poetic devices alive. Your poem are filled with utmost appealing imagery, alliteration, assonance, etc almost comparable to Keats.
    Foolchund Saahil.

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  4. Truth caan be stranger
    than nursery rhyme fiction
    but when
    you put them together …
    Issa, a tale most satisfying.

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  5. Dear Foolchund,
    I must say, I am glad you took the time to analyse this poem. Indeed… I do take all these aspects into account when writing my poems. I simply write what I like reading I guess. I am glad it caught your attention to such an extent. Thank you very much for your compliments, I greatly appreciate them! 🙂

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  6. How relatable this poem is? 100%! Especially at institutions, workplace or just literally everywhere.
    It happens—mediocre way of thinking, fake from the inside out and no one admits that we’re all f*cked up. Anyway, you’re a talented writer Issa, and you nailed it. 😉

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