Creative Writing Course Exercise #1; By Issa Dioume (Fibonacci Spirals)

For my Creative writing course at the University of Edinburgh, I have had to do a lot of interesting exercises. I thought I could share one with the online community, for all who may be interested in trying things out in prose.
The exercise consisted of imitating the structure of Fibonnaci Spirals, to come up with a short-story. I did so in class. It brought about an interesting piece and had an interesting effect on my writing. I think it is one to try out. The basic structure of a Fibonnaci Spirals goes like this: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 for the first paragraph and 34, 21,13,8,5,3,2,1,1 for the second. (Numbers above indicate amount of words per sentence). Writing with constraints can bring about some very good pieces, I would advice all other writers to have a go at this exercise and see what comes of it. Furthermore, once you have respected the structure, you can tweak the prose and break away from the constraints in the editing phase, as you will notice I have done in some instances of my story below. Enjoy! Have fun trying this out! Let’s learn!

                                                            Fibonacci Spirals

Boiling. Sun. Clammy hands. Perspiring human frames. Ice cream evaporating off cones. The summer season has sunk its teeth in. A cigarette burgeons on the tips of an onlookers vibrant lips, drawing a red sun. Plumes of smoke escape from his lungs with every exhaled breath, they are welcomed with open arms by the quivering air.

Stephenson sits leaned back against the small bus stand box encircling him like a precious pearl in an oyster shell, eyes shut, breath wheezy, hands clasped into clumps of pink flesh, head drooping downwardly. He’d been running outside all day with his friends Tammy and Tommy, they’d never taken a break, not once. He wondered what would happen to them when the year drew its curtains. He would go far away, no longer be nearby. His parents’ jobs required it. Would they still be friends? Not solely today. He sighed. Tomorrow. After.

15 thoughts on “Creative Writing Course Exercise #1; By Issa Dioume (Fibonacci Spirals)

  1. Thank you very much Cath. Indeed it can be used in an interesting way indeed. It creates an interesting effect on the end. 🙂 Are you thinking of trying it out yourself?


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