A Soul of Snow

When first I came across her path,
I saw at once the soul o’ that gold-haired lass
It was a soul of snow that I saw,
And looking too long I grew cold
And looking too long I grew old

When she came to rub against me though
I could not hold against the falling of the snow
My grounds with all of her grew covered
I came to love the white blanket she offered

When the wind raced over us,
And our love grew torturous,
The soul of snow broke into tears
And she became a soul of rain and fears

We travelled further together,
and eventually all the snow melted,

And all the rain had pelted
And when I looked to her again,
I saw no soul of snow, or rain, but a warm summer ground
And my time with her was thus rewarded, for I found true love comes not from instant passion; but from patience and trust gained through the passing of the seasons.

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