Lost Ones

When ones who are close to us leave--The scent of flowers in the wind lessens,The taste of sugar on our tongues softens,The shapes of life on our fingertips turns vague,Sunlight fails to warm our frozen hearts,The rushing waves of our mind crawl over our shores,The love in us dims, We become scared of giving it … Continue reading Lost Ones

#1 Short-story by Issa Dioume (THE CLICHED DETECTIVE-STORY)

Victor Verdun is fifty years old. He sits at his desk, thinking and despondent.

#1 Flash-Fiction by Issa Dioume

                                                               Candles The sun rose over a dismal scene. As he lies there, quiet and unbreathing, it struck me how my brother could even in … Continue reading #1 Flash-Fiction by Issa Dioume

Style Training With Ursula K. Leguin, Exercise.1; Part.2

Writing Training Following Ursula K. Le Guin’s Guidance 📖 📚

A TUMULTUOUS VOYAGE, Part. 7 [Short-Story Series] by Issa Dioume

Morning, city of Gravenfall, adventure, fantasy, swordfight, hero.