Ruby the Cat – Issa Dioume

(Writing by Issa Dioume & Picture: by artist - V) Sometimes, before shutting my eyelids and drifting into deep slumber, I imagine a miniscule-looking black cat standing firmly atop clouds, around midnight; bathing in the moonlight. Like a piece of charcoal in the night's sky; only made visible by the grey clouds beneath its paws … Continue reading Ruby the Cat – Issa Dioume

The Great Paraphernalia Argument by Issa Dioume

Following one long monday afternoon, after school Jack and Suzy were at home having an argument about an idea that had been brought up during one of their classes. A class that discussed the meaning of 'beauty' in our contemporary society. They rapidly derailed from that and began discussing garments and adornments that everyday people … Continue reading The Great Paraphernalia Argument by Issa Dioume