Lost Ones

When ones who are close to us leave--The scent of flowers in the wind lessens,The taste of sugar on our tongues softens,The shapes of life on our fingertips turns vague,Sunlight fails to warm our frozen hearts,The rushing waves of our mind crawl over our shores,The love in us dims, We become scared of giving it … Continue reading Lost Ones

The fate of tools

Fate turns like the spokes of a wheel, When the wheel is broken, The driver descends to replace it with a better, stronger one. Tools of speed will always be replaced, How sad is r How sad their shortness of life, they are like butterflies in the breeze, Beautiful for three days, then quickly swept … Continue reading The fate of tools

Beguiled by Night- poem by Issa Dioume

(First voice)Tonight I take the leapI speak the words that creepI touch the withered handAnd say: "have me again, old friend"(Second voice)If you go away as I know you mustThere'll be nothing left in the world but dustand the hallowed wind to play silence's tune On leaves of branches, beneath a dead moonShould you choose … Continue reading Beguiled by Night- poem by Issa Dioume