Coffee Break

Chance Creations

The earth is our mother,and we were birthed into a housewhose ancestors are the stars, the sun, the universe and more.At the end of a long chain of events: we are life.

Arrogantly, I mocked the palpitions of a coutryside girl's heart. her straw hat, her earthy gaze, looking into my steely own, I felt superior to someone of the birthplace of all the food I eat. I mocked her for not knowing what a Starbucks was And when she tried to teach me how to grow … Continue reading

The fate of tools

Fate turns like the spokes of a wheel, When the wheel is broken, The driver descends to replace it with a better, stronger one. Tools of speed will always be replaced, How sad is r How sad their shortness of life, they are like butterflies in the breeze, Beautiful for three days, then quickly swept … Continue reading The fate of tools