“Hi,” the bartender winks at you from behind the counter.
You look back at him awkwardly. He tells you:
“I am a French man living in the U.K. (Scotland, Edinburgh). I mix all my writing in English. I sprinkle in it, a bit of magic realism, fantasy, sci-fi and a literary style-blend.”
You ask him how he gets his ideas.
“I write on whichever theme or idea that happens to pass through my mind and write new pieces quite often. You’ll find every type of flavour here. Mostly short stories that you can enjoy reading through in around the time it will take you to finish your drink.” He props a tall glass with a small umbrella inside before you.
“Here. Short, enjoyable, food for thoughts, inspiring or just simple description. I hope that you will enjoy what I’ve prepared and will leave me some positive (or negative) feedback so I may improve as a writer.”


Haha, no but seriously. Have a good read, I hope you do like it. See you soon in the words of my writings!

– Issa Dioume