To loves never lived– by Issa Dioume

I never held her head between my hands,I grabbed at mist and caught myself,Heavily falls he who has never had a fall,And I fell harder than a boulder into an ocean.Now, till she comes, loneliness... Poor me, Poor me! from hour to hour The heat of love scorches my heart,But she my mind holds dear … Continue reading To loves never lived– by Issa Dioume

To be a Writer – Issa Dioume

Read in the bus,Read in the waiting room of an interview for a better job,Read while treading tar-black bent sidewalks to a less enjoyable job,Read from a hospital bed dressed in white,Read from your dank prison cell,Read in the dark and in the silence when no one can know you like to read in your … Continue reading To be a Writer – Issa Dioume

The fate of tools

Fate turns like the spokes of a wheel, When the wheel is broken, The driver descends to replace it with a better, stronger one. Tools of speed will always be replaced, How sad is r How sad their shortness of life, they are like butterflies in the breeze, Beautiful for three days, then quickly swept … Continue reading The fate of tools

#News.1: Accepted For Creative Writing Masters degree At Edinburgh University

Astounding news!! And many more developments to come.

Brother [Poem] by Issa Dioume

For my brother