Midnight Blues (part 2) Dolphin In A Bottle; Issa Dioume

Part two of midnight blues

Lost in pleasure

Moved by the promise of her voice alone. Standing on his own two knees. He slipped his hand around her hips and pulled her close. Feeling her warm breath on his throat, he bent down to savour her lips. He wanted to show her that he was her man. Hers to keep, desire, get bored … Continue reading Lost in pleasure

Mafia drops (1) #shortstory #Writing

Part 1 -  Welcome to the family Silence fell suddenly, swiftly appearing and disappearing intermittently like floating snowflakes falling in winter- specks forming a whole. The tenseness of the atmosphere made it hard to breathe. An unbearable odour of mistrust and silent calculations pervaded the air of the room. " You told me you would … Continue reading Mafia drops (1) #shortstory #Writing